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Top 10!

2011-01-21 20:17:56 by ElementalNova

Woohoo! As of 01-21-11 5:15 PM (Pacific Coast US time zone) my song Man Up is # 8 in the General Rock category! And I thought that it was my worst one! Well, it was written for an audience and they like it, so who am I to complain? I'm also happy because it's my first song to get comments. I'm also happy because first semester finals are over at school.

#ElementalNova, signing off#

Frustrated with LMMS

2011-01-18 17:52:59 by ElementalNova

I'm frustrated with my music program, LMMS. It's the best free program I've ever seen, but I'm having a lot of trouble creating the right instruments. I have some great songs in my head, but I can't get the right instrument on the computer. No one I know has any experience with it, so I can't ask my friends for help. I can't ask any Newgrounders for assistance becuase I don't know of any way to send sounds from my head to the computer to another user, and then have them send the instrument back to me. I'm also a little bit dissapointed about my songs. I didn't expect them to score 5s, but I thought that I would get a few more listens, a little bit higher vote, and at least a review. Oh well.

-Elemental Nova, signing off-

A rant against homework

2010-12-25 19:34:08 by ElementalNova

Hello! I tried to give a introduction over there under my picture, but there wasn't much room. The location says "California, USA", but that's not true. My current location is somewhere in the Land of Allworkandnoplay, buried under Homework Mountain. Aside from homework, I'm also working on my Eagle Scout, Duty To God, a Code Lyoko Season 5 fanfic, a website for a school project, songs both on the computer and on a real piano, triple jump (for the school track team), an RPG with my friends, a new Gamemaker game, and more. Homework makes it impossible to do any of these. I'm really frustrated. But it does help me learn. Somehow my friends always have free time and their homework never takes more than a few hours. But then again, they get C's and B's and I (somehow) get A's. Well, ramble-time's over. Gotta get back to work. I'll check in again soon!

P.S. Review my songs! Reviews have much more impact than just a number of listens in the corner. I also need to know what to improve and I can use hints. I can't figure out how to effectively use effects and automation in LMMS.