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Frustrated with LMMS

2011-01-18 17:52:59 by ElementalNova

I'm frustrated with my music program, LMMS. It's the best free program I've ever seen, but I'm having a lot of trouble creating the right instruments. I have some great songs in my head, but I can't get the right instrument on the computer. No one I know has any experience with it, so I can't ask my friends for help. I can't ask any Newgrounders for assistance becuase I don't know of any way to send sounds from my head to the computer to another user, and then have them send the instrument back to me. I'm also a little bit dissapointed about my songs. I didn't expect them to score 5s, but I thought that I would get a few more listens, a little bit higher vote, and at least a review. Oh well.

-Elemental Nova, signing off-